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The Band Called Stavros – Rock n Ska – Groove Music

The band called Stavros was named by the editor of their video “Living for the Night,” a song that was donated to the Jessica Marie Lundsford Foundation. The editor was a Star Trek fan who thought that “Stavros” sounded like one of those crazy planets that the Star Trek people were always visiting.

Anyway the band plays a unique brand of Rock’n’Ska™ that simply grooves along into the atmosphere.   The band plays live and also has strong album sales through their own website as well as iTunes.

The largest venue the band ever played was during a tour of Asia where they played at the Beijing Coliseum in front of 24,000 people per night for two nights. The band currently plays the home games of the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes Professional Baseball Club, which is a minor league team associated with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The band had one of their songs “Hey-O” used as a sound track for a Sandisk commercial and also for an episode of the web based comedy “This Is Dorm Life.”

It is a fun group of guys having fun playing music – they should be having fun – they were sponsored by Red Stripe Beer for a summer concert series out in Westwood California, where UCLA is. In addition to all of that fun the guys do like to hang out at the beach – of course its So Cal – where the living is the vacation.

Whether it is the lifestyle of being in a popular band, the casual fun of jamming with your pals while the sun dips below the palm trees, or getting in an acoustic sing a long next to an open fire on the beach, Stavros is the fun band with the fun sound and is always ready for a Rockin party.