Lauten Audio 220 Stavros Recording On A Budget

The Lauten Audio 220, or the LA 220, is the answer to your mic problems if you are poor, or lets say financially challenged and are forced into Recording on a Budget. I heard this mic for the first time as I was looking for a low cost good microphone while recording for the band Stavros. The guys at Soundpure, which is a high end audio retailer as well as a recording studio in Durham North Carolina, posted a mic shootout on YouTube and it took just one listen to know that this mic was far and away the best in the shootout, and good enough to make our vocals sparkle.

I immediately got this mic and tried it out and here are a few explanations I gave about the mic

Whether it is micing guitars for a special shimmer effect (that is losing the standard Sure 57 sound). or getting a really great shot at a great vocal take, the Lauten Audio 220 will give you that chance at about $240.00. It is not a U87 (amic I never liked BTW) or a Bock but for the money it will give you a very good chance to sound good.

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