Recording On A Budget Equipment Review

My new YouTube Series “Recording On A Budget” is designed to give some tips on recording when you have no money or resources. So here is just a small list of some of the equipment that I use when recording. I also want you to realize that even if your resources are small like mine, it is possible to make some pretty good recordings. Here is a vid showing the basic setup that stated this idea to write, arrange, produce, and record one song in 40 days

– here is a song from one of my recent CD’s to prove the point. Money by Stavros

Here is a list of the equipment used in these recordings and a video that shows the equipment. Here also is the list. Drums: An old set of Yamaha DTxplorer electronic drums. Guitars: 1968 Telecaster with EMG pickups. Ibenez Roadstar 2 with EMG pickups. 1954 Gibson Les Paul reissue with P-90 pickups. *************pedles    Amplifiers: Fender Concert Amp, Bugara 22 watt amp. Keyboards: Alesis Qs8. Software/DAW: Abelton 8. Compressor: dbx 160A. Ariel Exciter: Aphex Project Strip. Microphone: Lauten Audio 220.

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