Stavros Covers Happier by Ed Sheeran

The latest Rock’n’Ska cover for Stavros is the Ed Sheeran song Happier.  This will be a great song for the band Stavros and help them in their quest to sell more albums. Check it out below.

Stavros loves doing covers of all the various bands in the Rock’n’Ska style.  Many other bands have made whole careers out of Ska – Reggae covers of their songs.  Most notably is of course UB40. they have more top ten hits with cover songs than other bands have with original songs.  And having a great cover song really helps selling tickets to the live shows.

Cover Songs Are a Great Way To Get Exposure.

With a cover song people automatically know the words, and many times the performance of a cover song can outdo the original.  Ed Sheeran himself covered many songs, mainly rap songs, in his own style and grew and grew in popularity until now he sells out huge concert venues. Stavros has set out to do a cover song once a month – one of their so-called “One-Day-Wonders, in order to capture a larger audience. They will be covering songs from across the music spectrum and from across musical periods.

Stavros Has Successfully Covered Bands In The Past

Among the bands that Stavros has covered is the Beatles cover of a cover, “Three Cool Cats.” The Coasters were the first band to record the song to great success.  Later the Beatles covered it and came close to putting it on their first album. While they decided to not put that on that album it did eventually get onto their Beatles Anthology.   In fact it would not be until the Beatles came out with “A Hard Days Night” that they would put out an album that had no covers on it at all.

Covers Songs Might Be Just The Ticket To Success That Stavros Is Looking For

If it worked for the greatest band in Rock’n’Roll history, then maybe it will work for the Rock’n’Ska band Stavros. Plus doing covers is fun. It is a challenge to try and arrange a song into a different style. That is one of the main fun things about UB40.  They take rock and roll songs and turn them to reggae.  Just look at “Falling In Love” by Elvis Presley.  That is a great ballad, and the Ub40 band took that and made it into a really great danceable party tune. Ed Sheeran’s Happier will be a great cover song for Stavros

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