Stavros Uses a Smashed Guitar To Record His Song Shine Your Way and Guardian Angels By McLaughlin

The song I am playing on the guitar is Guardian Angels by John McLaughlin using a smashed guitar that a neighbor lent after my Telecaster was stolen.

40 Days One song Written and Recorded.

I hope that what you are learning from this 40 Days One Song Written and Recorded series, is that song writing and production are very tedious and intricate, with a million things that can affect the outcome. The main thing is to be patient and let the song write and produce itself. That is easier said than done and the main reason that most songs that are released to the public are not very good; the need to produce more material faster always results in poor quality.

Songwriting is Difficult on a Part Time Basis

The only way to combat this is to be constantly in songwriting mode. Theoretically this sounds very good, however a working musician must also consider live performances, recording and production, and promotion, which is the worst part of the whole thing.
40 Days one song Written and recorded ended on this day with a smashed guitar which at least worked well enough to have some fun and practice until I can come up with a solution to this latest problem. We will soldier on so to speak and get the job done – the release date for this album is end of April – so we have to work fast in spite of difficulties.

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