Three Cool Cats Lyric Video By Stavros Covering The Coasters and the Beatles

Stavros is doing another cover, this time from the great 60’s song “Three Cool Cats.” This song is probably most known for the Beatles version that appeared on that band’s Anthology CD.  It was originally by the Coasters and written by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller.  It is a great old time rock’n’roll song that Stavros thought ought to be done in the Rock’n’Ska Style.

The Coasters Made It Good The Beatles Made It Great

Anytime you do a cover the most important thing is that it was a good song in the first place. After that you have to be able to put it into your own style. For Stavros the Rock’n’Ska style is easy to work most songs into.  They were very successful with their cover of Happier by Ed Sheeran.  That song was seriously a Kumbaya type of song so if Stavros can give that one a Rock’n’Ska edge, they can do it to anything.  The only trouble with this particular song was that it is in a fairly ambiguous key that does not necessarily lend itself to a ska type of rhythm. The bass line gave the band the most trouble according to guitar player Sam Stavros.

Bass Lines Are The Most Important Element In Reggae and Ska Re-Makes

Stavros is working on a new cover “One More Night” originally by Journey.  “That one was really hard because once again it has a sort of ambiguous key until the bridge and so coming up with a real fluid bass line is pretty difficult. The style of music we play requires a bass line and rhythm section that is absolutely crucial as to whether the song is going to be any good at all.” Most of the time people that use those types of songs do not very energetic covers of them or just use the originals, as in the case of the movie, “Nine Lives” that was about a talking cat and featured the Coasters version of Three Cool Cats.

Stavros Makes It Ska

So here we are with another 60’s song made new. Would The Coasters like the song – maybe. Would John Lennon like the new Three Cool Cats – who knows, he was the coolest cat of all – when it came to fans and music. How about Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller; would they like the new version?  If it sold a million copies they sure would.

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