Ali Campbell and UB40 Are My Kind Of Band

Everyone that knows the music my band Stavros plays, must know that UB40 and Ali Campbell are a great inspiration to me. Of course the groove is monster, which I love, and those vocals by Ali are great – even unmatched, but two amazing things I really like about this band are:

Ali Campbell, Astro, and Mickey Virtue Keep On Going

The guys of UB40 have never lost their energy or their love of music and the music they create. That is one of the great things about music and music performance. I remember seeing a Muddy Waters gig at a Chicago night club, and of course Muddy was great. The Rolling Stones happened to be in town for one of their big arena shows and they stopped by and jammed with the legend. What a great scene. And for the moment on stage everyone was young and just starting out. That is the way of UB40 – wherever they go it is that same young and enthusiastic sound – it says “party, have fun” but enjoy the music, that is why we are here.

Ali Sings But He Has A Social Voice As Well

What would reggae music be without some political commentary somewhere in the mix whether it is something serious like Bob Marley’s “Exodus,” or something a little more light hearted such as Peter Tosh’s “Legalize It.” In the past few months Ali has commented on such things as “New Zealand’s Got Talent” opining that possible the show is racist. Don’t know about the truth or even the facts of the case, but hey – Ali speaks his mind, and he was on the show there is probably something there. Calling the British out on their control of the Falklands while in Argentina for a concert was typical. The thing about these guys is they give a good interview, and they create good copy, but without the in-your-face celebrity thing that is such a turn off especially when it comes to film stars.

Back From The Brink Now On Top Again

UB40 with Ali Campbell, Astro, and Mickey Virtue had a rough time, but now that the legal battles are over and they have found a way to make their brand of music again they are off and running. UB40 play shows all the time – keeping their young vivacious sound out there for their fans that really just want to have a great time grooving. And here is a Rock’n’Ska cover of Three Cool Cats

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