Ed Sheeran Happier Reggae Ska Cover By Stavros Like UB40

Stavros just uploaded a really nice Ska Reggae version of Ed Sheeran’s “Happier.” As usual Stavros has taken a good song and remade it with his classic Ska Reggae groove. Ed Sheeran is really hot right now and so it is natural to try and latch onto something that is really happening right now.

UB40 Made a Career Out of Reggae Covers

The legendary band UB40 launched themselves to the absolute outer reaches of super-stardom when they covered “I Got You Babe” originally by Sonny and Cher. It was Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders that launched them when she asked them to do that song with her. Later of UB40 would make it huge with “Red Red Wine” a Neil Diamond composition.

Can Stavros Follow In The Footsteps of UB40?

that is always a question, can somebody succeed where others have blazed the trail.  The answer is yes but it would have to be slightly different. In this case Stavros while having some of the nice Ska Reggae feel of UB40 also has the edge that is provided by some loud forceful guitar at times, and drums that are more Rock than Reggae.

The New Single Is Of Ed Sheeran’s Song “Happier”

When Stavros decided to do this song it came as a challenge; a friend who was into Ed Sheeran’s sound challenged Stavros to take one of Sheeran’s songs and make it in the Rock’n’Ska sound of Stavros. After listening to a few cuts, Stavros decided that Happier should be the song.  The main reason? It was only three chords and part of the challenge was to arrange and record the song in only one day. The band was successful in doing just that – written and recorded and mixed and uploaded to YouTube all in one day. Those kinds of situations can be fun because you just have to “do” and you can’t think about it too much.  In that way you can really find out how good, or bad, you are.

So Will “Happier” Be A Hit?”

Only time will tell. In the meantime it is available at CDbaby and also can be heard on YouTube. Stavros sent out free copies to everyone who is on the StavrosMusic mailing list. If Stavros can score big with Ed Sheeran’s “Happier” just like UB40 scored big with “Red Red Wine” then maybe the boys will be able to pay their water bill – hopefully that will be the case.

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